n.1.An outer garment.
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The 'abaya' or a cloak is a simple, loose over-garment, essentially a robe-like dress worn by women in parts of the Muslim world.
There was nothing obvious linking an over-garment to the English word "coat" or to the German word "mantel.
The abaya is known for being a simple, loose over-garment, essentially a robe-like dress worn over other clothes by many women across the Islamic world.
AoPosture, precision and timing are important,Ao says Randy, wearing a white robe and a black over-garment, held together with a black belt.
She didn't say take off but remove, not coat but over-garment.
Package incl flights, meals, all rides, children's gifts and loan of Arctic over-garment and boots.
And Kookai's tweed bouclette coat (pounds 150) is absolutely this year's must- have item and is the perfect over-garment for the start of the day.
At the same time, if a golfer has just come off the course, frozen and still wearing a smart new over-garment, common sense should stop you from kicking him out.
And rumours has it that Madonna, the woman who made underwear the essential over-garment, is planning to hold her wedding reception to lover Guy Ritchie at the ultra-exclusive castle.