v. t.1.To cover with snow, or as with snow.
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Kassbohrer All Terrain Pisten Bully tracked oversnow utility
Contract Awarded for Provide guided interpretive oversnow vehicle tours and rustic accommodations at a skier s camp near Canyon Village starting this winter
Oversnow passenger vehicles like the Bombardier snowcoach helped visitors see the wonder of the winter season, and in December 1971 the Old Faithful Snow Lodge opened to provide overnight visitor accommodations in Yellowstone's chillier season.
Through the 1950s, and particularly during the 1960s, there was a rapid rise in the recorded number of polar bears killed, probably because of higher prices being paid for polar bear hides and the increasing use of oversnow machines, aircraft, and boats for hunting (Stirling, 1988; Prestrud and Stirling, 1994).