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a name given to those members of the Church of England who adopted the theology of the so-called Oxford "Tracts for the Times," issued the period 1833 - 1841.

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oxford School must start by congratulating the post-16 students who achieved so much.
She started her teaching career in the Oxford School Department and joined the Worcester School Department shortly thereafter.
Rob trained at the Oxford School of Drama and has worked as an actor, writer and director in the professional theatre, also founding a theatre company with his partner Dawn Ivison.
A recently completed $35 million high school in Mississippi's Oxford School District was built with energy-efficient HVAC, lighting, security and fire alarm equipment.
The resident fight teacher of the acclaimed Oxford School of Drama was in Belfast to put the cast of the Lyric Theatre's forthcoming WWI production How Many Miles To Babylon?
Arthur McBain graduated from the Oxford School of Drama last year and is about to join the National Theatre of Scotland and Royal Shakespeare Company's touring co-production of Dunsinane, by David Greig.
Written to meet the requirements of the CIE O Level syllabus and published by OUP, Environmental Management: A Core Text for O Level and IGCSE, Oxford School Atlas for Pakistan, and O Level Urdu for Syllabus A (3247) have been endorsed by the CIE for use as textbooks for its O Level Environmental Studies and Urdu syllabus respectively.
While Salwa, an Oxford School teacher and a mother of three, used to feel shy whenever she saw herself in the mirror.
Following a trip to Rivera Maya, Mexico, the couple is at home in Oxford where Kristen is a fourth grade teacher for the Oxford School District and Logan works for The University of Mississippi.
Mary's Catholic School won after a sudden death goal (6-5) against Oxford School.
The first Mediterranean islanders: initial occupation and survival strategies (University of Oxford School of Archaeology Monograph 74).
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