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Noun1.Oxford University - a university in EnglandOxford University - a university in England    
Oxford - a city in southern England to the northwest of London; site of Oxford University
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Not much is known of his early days except that he went to school and to Oxford University.
During the greater part of his life he was connected with Oxford University, as student, teacher (and therefore priest), and college head.
The Islamabad Literature Festival, founded by Ameena Saiyid and Asif Farrukhi and organized by Oxford University Press was launched in April 2013 and has been a resounding success from the start.
Dr Siddiqi has recently qualified his PhD from Oxford University and during his farewell meeting, the VC gave her book for Dr Amin.
Khan will perform in the fund raising concert alongside The Fusion Project, an ensemble of students from Oxford University and will be generously donating the proceeds to support the work of the Faculty of Music.
Associate professor at the Jenner Institute at Oxford University and one of the founders of SpyBiotech, Sumi Biswas, explained that the company views the superglue technology as "a game changer to enable faster development of effective vaccines against major global diseases.
While addressing teachers and the media present on the occasion, Ameena Saiyid, Managing Director, Oxford University Press Pakistan, said that the OTA is a first-of-its-kind professional development programme launched in Pakistan for school teachers.
The Long Decade: How 9/11 Changed the Law (New York: Oxford University Press, 2014).
Rachel Houchen, head of modern foreign languages at Conyers, a former Conyers student and Oxford undergraduate said: "It is fantastic to see former Conyers students thriving at Oxford University - all of whom have previously been on this Conyers aspirations visit.
I earned a diploma in political science at St Edmund Hall, Oxford University in England in 1978.
According to Oxford University Press, Toye uses survey evidence and the diaries of ordinary people to tell the full story of Winston Churchill's classic speeches, putting a new spin on how Churchill's war-time rhetoric was really received both at home and around the world during World War II.
The drug will not be available in drug stores, and will be used only under the specific conditions of the trial at ELWA 3," says Dr Jake Dunning, Trial Clinical Lead from Oxford University.

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