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(ˈɒksfədˌʃɪə; -ʃə)
(Placename) an inland county of S central England: situated mostly in the basin of the Upper Thames, with the Cotswolds in the west and the Chilterns in the southeast. Administrative centre: Oxford. Pop: 615 200 (2003 est). Area: 2608 sq km (1007 sq miles). Abbreviation: Oxon


(ˈɒks fərdˌʃɪər, -ʃər)

a county in S England. 597,700; 1008 sq. mi. (2610 sq. km). Also called Oxford.
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It is a little place near the borders of Oxfordshire, and within seven miles of Reading.
After having left the great northern road, he turned his face to the westward, and so came past Aylesbury, to fair Woodstock, in Oxfordshire.
But it's so difficult after Oxfordshire, where there are so many trees.
Langland was born in the country, perhaps in Oxfordshire, perhaps in Shropshire, and he went to school at Great Malvern.
They were on the borders of Oxfordshire, so far had poor old Betty Higden strayed.
I GOT YOU BABE With Darcy and baby on Oxfordshire set
How Oxfordshire got over 200 I will never know and then every time we put a partnership together we lost a wicket but we got there in the end.
The Prime Minister, whose Witney constituency is in West Oxfordshire, said the report should be a "wake up call".
Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service led a massive operation to bring all three blazes under control.
Sean Collins, head of pensions for the Oxfordshire fund, said, 'We were particularly impressed with the approach set out by BNP Paribas, to work with us to manage the transition, and then to develop their systems and reporting suites to meet our specific needs here in Oxfordshire.
Plush Pants offers a nappy trial scheme - both online and through Oxfordshire County Council - that allows families to try a selection of nappy designs and brands for a fraction of the cost of new nappies.

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