n.1.Capability of being converted into an oxide.
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HDL oxidability and its protective effect against LDL oxidation in Type 2 diabetic patients.
Hereditary HTG rats exhibit insulin resistance, hyperinsulinemia, disturbances in glucose metabolism, hypertension, and different signs of oxidative stress, for example, increased lipoprotein oxidability and lipid peroxidation [12].
The oxidability of SeMet during storage could explain different results in terms of gene expression between SeMet-supplemented and SeYeast-supplemented group of mice (Barger et al.
2006) Exercise training improves low-density lipoprotein oxidability in untrained subjects with coronary artery disease.
Furthermore, decreased thyroid function not only increases the number of LDL particles but also promotes LDL oxidability (21,22).
Thermal stability was monitored on change of exchange capacity, swelling capacity, weight loss in ion-exchange resin, filtrate oxidability.
Eicosapentaenoic acid improves endothelial function in hypertriglyceridemic subjects despite increased lipid oxidability.
If the experiments take place in oxygen, the oxidability of the systems--and consequently the CL emission--increases, because more oxygen is available for the reaction.
Slight oxidability of copper at high temperatures leads to contamination of the seam metal with high-melting oxides.
Thus, the presence of intact Lp(a) in the CSF could imply its oxidability, with possible effects on the CNS because this tissue is particularly vulnerable to oxidative stress because of the high rate of oxygen use, the relatively low concentrations of antioxidants, and the high concentrations of polyunsaturated lipids.
Gugliucci, (15) which examines the antioxidant effects of mate by measuring its ability to decrease oxidability of human LDL [low density lipoprotein] in vivo.