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The process or act of treating with ozone, often as part of a purification process.

o′zo·nate′ v.


(Environmental Science) the act or instance of ozonating
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coli was achieved by both cold plasma and ozonation.
Prequalification are invited for Pressurized Oxidation System - 250 LPH ,Membrane Bio-reactor System - 50 Litre / Batch ,Wet Air Oxidation System (or high temperature and pressure - 02 Litre / Batch ,Ultrafiltration System - 200 LPH ,Reverse Osmosis and Nano Filtration System -125 LPH ,MBBR - 25 Litre / Batch ,Electrocoagulation System -12 Litre/Batch ,Photocatalytic Reactor System -1 Litre (max) ,Sonication Combined with Ozonation - 500 ml (max) ,Combine Treatment System using UV, Ozone and Biotower - 50 Litre / day
Summary: This study investigates removal of cephalexin using ozonation in the presence of granular activated carbon.
Before each treatment, one ozonation was performed for 10 min, in order to saturate the ozone into the water and keep it constant at 1 ppm.
Tahir mentioned that analysis of ultra-filtration (UF), ultra-violet (UV) disinfection, ozonation, and chlorination proved that water chlorination is the most suitable solution for provision of safe drinking water.
If you've got muddy waters or turbid solutions, sometimes UV treatments and ozonation won't work in that kind of environment.
The use of advanced oxidation methods, including sonocatalytic processes, in order to purify water and wastewater (disinfection and decomposition of hazardous organic pollutants) has been extended across the world as replacement for traditional oxidation methods such as chlorination and ozonation.
The other chapters are titled as follows: properties, synthesis and application of polyacetylene; trends in activated carbon fibers; polymer nanocomposites; the effects of modified silica-gelatin hybrid systems on the properties of paper products; computational techniques in nanosystems; calculating internal structure and equilibrium configuration of nanoparticles; and trends in ozonation of polymer compounds.
Deputy Director, PSQCA, Waiz Akram Ul Haq, on the occasion said the water is purified in 11 stages and these include Chlorination, Sand Filtration, Activated Carbon Filtration, Fine Filtration, Microfiltration, Second Pass RO, Mineralisation, Ozonation and UV Sterilisation.
Persistent organic substances dissolved in industrial wastewater discharged from various types of production facilities must be treated before reuse, but conventional water treatment methods, such as chlorination or ozonation, are usually ineffective.
These impurities are not present in raw water but are formed due to the process of ozonation used for treatment of water.
This study concluded that ozonation was an efficient method for the treatment of textile washing and rinsing wastewater.