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 (kăl-zō′nē, -zōn′, käl-sō′nĕ)
A baked or fried Italian turnover of pizza dough filled with vegetables, meat, or cheese.

[Italian, pant leg, calzone, from calza, sock, from Vulgar Latin *calcea, from Latin calceus, shoe; see calceolate.]


(Cookery) a dish of Italian origin consisting of pizza dough folded over a filling of cheese and tomatoes, herbs, ham, etc
[C20: Italian, literally: trouser leg, from calzoni trousers]


(kælˈzoʊ ni, -neɪ, -ˈzoʊn)

a turnover made of pizza dough filled with cheese, ham, etc., and baked or deep-fried.
[1945–50; < Italian: literally, trouser leg (calzoni (pl.) trousers)]
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Each P'Zone transforms a 12-inch (medium) mozzarella-sprinkled hand-tossed pizza crust into a calzone-like "sandwich" by topping it, folding it, and baking it.
Even if you eat just half a P'Zone, you'll take in at least 600 calories, 1,000 milligrams of sodium, and 20 grams of fat (10 of them saturated--half a day's worth).
We've got a better dare: Turn your local Pizza Hut into a No P'Zone Zone.
Pizza Hut just introduced the P'ZONE pizza, which is designed to be eaten as a sandwich.
00 P'Zone which resonated well with consumers during these challenging economic times.
The P'Zone from Pizza Hut has savory toppings and mozzarella cheese sealed inside a folded 12" pizza crust, perfect for feeding hungry gamers while they're otherwise occupied.
NEW YORK -- Pizza Hut[R], America's Favorite Pizza, hosted a P'Zone eating competition today between Joey Chestnut, world hot dog eating champion, and amateur P'Zone Challenge contest winner Marivic Stewart of Spokane, WA.
82 pounds of P'Zones, six times the amount eaten by Marivic Stewart, the upstart rookie, who could only stomach 3/4 of a P'Zone, or .
The P'Zone pizza weighs one pound and features abundant pizza ingredients sealed inside a 12" crust.
DALLAS -- Pizza Hut, America's Favorite Pizza, announced today the return of the P'Zone pizza, which weighs a pound and features abundant pizza ingredients sealed inside a 12" crust.
Delivering a different way for consumers to enjoy their favorite pizza ingredients, the P'Zone pizza features sauce, cheese and assorted toppings inside a Hand-Tossed Style crust.