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Made of material, usually a semiconductor such as silicon, that has been doped with impurities so that it has an excess of electron holes.

[p(ositive)-type, from the behavior of electron holes as carriers of positive charge.]


1. (Electronics) (of a semiconductor) having a density of mobile holes in excess of that of conduction electrons
2. (Electronics) associated with or resulting from the movement of holes in a semiconductor: p-type conductivity. Compare n-type
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Compared with other traditional mono-crystalline PV modules, the mass production output power for N-type PERT mono-crystalline modules (based on 60 pieces of 156mm*156mm) is 10~15W higher than the average industrial level, CTM of this module is 2 percent lower than traditional P-type modules, and the efficiency of the module reaches over 18.
MegaCell is focusing on the manufacturing of high-efficiency crystalline N-type and P-type solar cells, and - in particular - on exploiting the strongly enhanced energy yield thanks to their bi-faciality.
ions as charge carrier, and added to pregel solution to form the p-type PAAm gel, as discussed in detail in reference [28], Similarly, TAAB molecules, having [Br.
The N-type (negative) layer is set up to lose electrons, while the P-type layer (positive) is set up to receive electrons.
HiCz is GT's proprietary next-generation monocrystalline PV puller capable of growing both p-type and n-type monocrystalline ingots.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian researchers from Shahid Beheshti University produced nanoparticles in homogenous particle sizes to make possible the production of p-type pigment solar cells.
The circuits printed by researchers include more than 100 n- and p-type transistors and have a resistance level on transparent plastic substrates.
Ternary II-VI-F semiconductors--that is II-VI semiconductors doped with isovalent or hetervalent foreign impurities--allow the control of optical properties, from blue-green up to infrared spectral range, and electronic properties ranging from n-type to p-type.
Argonne Scientist and Co-Inventor of the Argonne IP Anirudha Sumant commented "Othis will break barriers that restricted the use of diamond thin films in the semiconductor industry limited to only p-type doping.
With this technology, micron-scale (micro-m: one millionth of a meter) trenches are etched on the surface of a silicon substrate, then using epitaxial growth(3), a thin-stripe structure of N- and P-type semiconductors are formed.
Washington, January 3 ( ANI ): Researchers have presented a p-type transistor with the highest "carrier mobility" yet measured.
The company said that the combination of its high-efficiency 6-inch full-square monocrystalline solar cells and its latest module encapsulation technology, makes the new modules the most powerful ones based on P-type solar cells in a 60-cell format currently available on the market.