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and colleagues used a more direct brain imaging technique, known as a PET scan, to measure how much glucose brain cells use.
We'll touch briefly on the practical limitations of PET scan technology.
The new method uses the drug florbetaben as a tracer during a PET scan of the brain to visualize amyloid plaques during life.
The PET scan can show positive results 5-10 years before Alzheimer's symptoms appear, which poses a multilayered dilemma for clinicians, said Dr.
A PET scan shows up cancers, and can even tell how aggressive the disease is and whether it has spread to other parts of the body.
In a PET scan, patients are given a solution of sugar tagged with a radioactive tracer.
The PET scan is a unique type of imaging test that helps doctors see how the organs and tissues inside a human body are actually functioning,' said Abdulla.
Medicare provides health insurance for 44 million elderly or disabled patients, and its looser reimbursement policy--if finalized--is likely to boost PET scan makers such as General Electric Co.
Mrs T eventually paid almost pounds 800 to have a private PET scan - the alternative was major open-chest surgery - which found that the lump was benign.
A PET scan can show whether this tissue is active cancer or not.
The CT scan, a black-and-white anatomical image, is placed over the PET scan which uses colour to highlight cancerous tissue and 'working' muscles.