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or PJ's or pj's  (pē′jāz′)
pl.n. Informal

[p(a)j(ama)s, pl. of pajama.]


(piːˈdʒeɪz) or


pl n


(pəˈdʒɑ məz, -ˈdʒæm əz)

n. (used with a pl. v.)
1. nightclothes consisting of loose-fitting trousers and a jacket.
2. loose trousers of silk, cotton, etc., orig. worn in India and parts of the Middle East.
Also, esp. Brit., pyjamas.
[1870–75; pl. of pajama < Hindi, variant of pāyjāma < Persian pāy leg + jāma garment]
pa•ja′maed, adj.


pj's [ˈpiːdʒeɪz] npl (=pyjamas) → pyj m
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It's OK for her to shove on a pair of your comfy PJs when she chooses but she's offended that you'd like to see her wearing a big pair of unsexy plaid pyjamas in bed.
The reader also endures the tragic effects, the chaos, the confusion, and, ultimately, the heroic efforts of the young PJs and other U.
The PJS has about 70 |members but welcomes newcomers who can join for PS5 a year.
If you can't part with your PJs then maybe she can choose you a pair she likes.
With the lack of systemic symptoms and a prior colonoscopy showing no evidence of polyps, PJS and Addison's disease were ruled out.
These lightweight moisture wicking PJs, available in both men's and women's sizes, use a special microfiber fabric that senses the body's temperature.
Dubai ruler has issued a law converting Dubai Aluminium ( Dubal ) into a private joint stocks company under a Dubai Aluminium PJS with a declared capital of Dh3 billion ($817 million).
Article (6) of that law stated that Dubai Aluminium PJS subrogates Dubai Aluminium in all legal and business obligations and rights starting from the date of effective of this law, and the employees of Dubai Aluminium shall benefit from their vested right.
ordeal But family friend Amber McCleary, 18 - studying forensic psychology at Portsmouth University - put her A-level science to use and approached inventor Paula Ward to come up with the copper PJs.
All the staff wear PJs too and it's a good laugh for all the staff to see the boss Sergio in his chequered PJs.
Tanks with PJS will have a control unit next to the hydraulic reservoir inside the center hull compartment.
Mckinnon, an experienced legal counsel, represents bar Investments PJS, one of the Omani bank's four founding promoters, and succeeds Mohamed Badawy Al-Husseiny, Chief Executive Officer and Board Member of bar Investments PJS.