PKU test

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Noun1.PKU test - a test of newborn infants for phenylketonuria
diagnostic assay, diagnostic test - an assay conducted for diagnostic purposes
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As we have moved from the development of the first PKU test in Guthrie's laboratory to the passage of the Newborn Screening Saves Lives Act in our nation's capital, the advancements have been innumerable and will only continue.
35) In some places, newborn screening is still referred to as "the PKU test.
Robert Guthrie developed the mass PKU test, the first of many newborn screening tests infants now receive, and allowed for prevention of intellectual disabilities through diet.
Blood samples were taken from the children referred for surgery and their PKU test samples, routinely taken at birth, were also retrieved.
The invention of the original PKU test and the card used to store and transport the blood sample to the laboratory made public newborn screening programs possible.