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A dance movement in which the knees are bent.

[French, from past participle of plier, to fold, bend, from Old French; see pliant.]


(Ballet) a classic ballet practice posture with back erect and knees bent
[French: bent, from plier to bend]



n., pl. pli•és (pliˈeɪz; Fr. pliˈeɪ)
a ballet movement in which the knees are bent and the back is held straight.
[1890–95; < French, n. use of past participle of plier to bend; see ply2]


(bend). Bending of the knees while erect with the feet turned out, heels on the ground; demi plié becomes so low that the heels must be raised; grand plié lower with the buttocks as near the heels (still kept as close to the ground as possible).
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The PLIA might reduce accelerator capital costs a hundred-fold compared to induction linacs," Logan said.
By 1987, only AIG and PLIA survived, and by 1988, only AIG remained.
First proposed by LBNL consultant Dick Briggs (Patent Disclosure August 2004), the PLIA is a traveling-wave accelerator, with a helical winding around the beam pipe acting as a transmission line to produce the wave which accelerates the beam.