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(pluː) or


(Textiles) variant spellings of plew


abbreviation for
people like us


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Now, a new sales agreement must be negotiated between PLU and the "Friends of KPLU" group and the FCC must approve the deal.
Supermarkets have used PLU codes on produce since the 1990s to make checkout and inventory control easier, faster, and more accurate.
Cashiers often confuse PLU numbers for produce items that are similar to each other, particularly when they are in a rush.
What seems to most of us to be vast salaries (because they are) are just the starting point; if you actually want a PLU to get out of bed and do some work, he or she needs to be "incentivised" with bonuses, share options and the rest.
Standard features include complete housing for full safety protection, PLC controlled, missing label detection, label on pad detection, a barcode scanner, availability in left or right hand and the PLU 4138 will accept print engines from Zebra, Sato, Avery and Novexx, all of which are available through ALS.
He told NDC that PLU was pursuing a new deal and if this failed, the company would either try to establish a new joint venture to reopen the St.
Details on the purchase of the remaining 60 per cent of PLU for an undisclosed sum follows the recent acquisition of SAMM a French aeronautics company.
Dyma roi ystyr newydd i PLU - Pobl Lawen (neu lengar) Unigryw - fel Hazel ei hun.
In the early '90s, the PLU came along, which enabled retailers to correctly identify and price the fruit.
The survey also found that 71% of bulk produce carried a PLU sticker or other label.
Cumbrian Seafoods will use CLARiSOFT Generic Image Design Software to compile and maintain a centralised technical database of PLU (Product Lookup Unit) associated message designs for 10 product lines of Herbert and Markem coding equipment.
But that wasn't the case as PLU, who had beaten the Regals (9-2) twice in close games during past seasons, beat CLU again on Friday night in the first round of the Lutheran Brotherhood tournament in Thousand Oaks.