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n.1.A support; - used in composition; as, teapoy.
2.A ropedancer's balancing pole.
3.A long boat hook by which barges are propelled against the stream.
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This is an exciting night, where members of NJPEC and the entire industry come together to recognize and celebrate this year's incredible achievements in packaging, design and engineering," said Peter Gould, committee chair, of the NJPEC POY.
POY USA said winners outperform category sales performance by 38.
The winners will all be honored and recognized at the Awards Banquet and the POY submissions will be on display during the event.
Other 2015 POY winners included Sensodyne Complete (sensitivity toothpaste), Dial for Men Power Scrub (men's grooming), Snackeez (children's novelty products), Listerine Healthy White Gentle Rinse (tooth whitening), Viva Vantage (paper towels), Always Infinity (feminine care), Always Discreet (bladder protection) and Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups (candy).
POY has been working with over 100 multinationals and hundreds of local and regional companies and the world's largest and oldest multinationals, including Unilever, L'Oreal, Beiersdorf, P&G, have been striving for the POY Award since 1988.
PET used in the form of yarn produced by Polyacryl (Iran) with different crystallinity and orientation properties named as POY and FDY, in the separate industrial production lines.
Cricket: ( POY ( Zeeshan Hussain (POY), Hussnain Yousaf (MIP), Amar Aarif (FP).
The story, "Faces of the Recall," ran over 17 pages, and earned Vander Brug a third-place prize at POY.
The Lis 200 laser inspection system by Lenzing Technik GmbH can be used for the fully-automatic online inspection of filament bobbins in a variety of materials including POY, DTY, FDY, Elastan, viscose and natural fiber yarns.
Dishaw's sets were evocative and functional, and vigorous work by the POY Chorus and the Victoria Children's Chorus enlivened the bustling Cafe Momus.
DuPont's Dacron POY business and Unifi's textured yarn business will remain separate.
But their precedent-setting performance in the POY contest more than impressed him.