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Prednisone (PRED) is a commonly used corticosteroid and routinely used as an adjunct to TAC in most immunosuppressive therapeutic protocols such as the combination of TAC and PRED (double therapy) and TAC, PRED and mycophenolate mofetil (triple therapy) (Shapiro etal.
Combined therapy of TAC and PRED is widely used in clinical practice and is an effective therapeutic regimen to prevent acute rejection and improve long-term graft survival after renal or liver transplantation (Shapiro et al.
Children given crushed or whole dexamethasone tablets vomited less often than those given PRED in either liquid or tablet form, and 89% of parents in the dexamethasone group said they believed that the two therapies were equally effective and that the 2-day dexamethasone was more convenient than PRED, especially when dispensed from the emergency room (J.