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n.1.See Price, and 1st Prize.
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A significant positive correlation between PRIT and PRIA as well as between PRIA and PDQ-39 in the selected PD patients was found.
Although this candidate's campaign was not successful, a law was passed requiring local systems to turn over their assets to PRIT if certain benchmarks were not met.
Another advantage of the PRIT system is that researchers can observe the cells directly during contact with air pollutants.
Of all variables measured, PRIT may be the most significant because it includes all dimensions of pain and gives the greatest indication of overall perceived pain (Kim et al.
Tax planning implications of PRiTs and QPeRTs: A practitioner must use extreme care in establishing the term of a PRiT or QPeRT.
I have the utmost confidence that the Worcester Regional Retirement System will be well-served by PRIT.
To get a better feel for physicians' day-to-day hassles, PRIT also has started a preceptor program in which CMS staff members are sent to visit a practicing physician's office for a few days to get a feel for what the hassle factors are.
The voluntary move leaves the option of withdrawing from PRIT after five years, although it is hard to imagine what eventuality might prompt such a reversal.
Shermco Industries has purchased PRIT Service, Inc.
The only thing that concerns us with PRIT is we lose any kind of input.
In other initiatives, the PRIT is working to complete an online guide of frequently asked questions intended to create national consistency among Medicare carriers in how they answer questions.
50 billion state pension fund, called the Public Retirement Investment Trust, or PRIT.