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A powerful toxin that occurs in corals of the genus Palythoa of the South Pacific and disrupts the flow of ions across cell membranes. It is rapidly fatal to humans in very small doses and is one of the most complex naturally occurring substances.

[New Latin Paly(thoa), genus name (coined by Jean Vincent Félix Lamouroux (1779-1825), French biologist, perhaps based on the name of one of the Oceanids, such as Pāsithoē, in the Theogony of Hesiod) + toxin.]
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7],[8],[9] However, this approach is imperfect and still needs to be improved because the PTX has limited access to the biliary stricture site across the blood-biliary barrier when administered systemically.
Gastric mucosal protein (mg/g wet tissue), [13] TNF-[alpha] (pg/mg protein), [15] IL-1[beta] (pg/mg protein), [16] and VEGF (pg/mg protein) [17] were estimated in the gastric mucosal homogenate of NS (negative control)- or EtOH (Control)-treated rats with oral CMC; PGE (test extract) and SCF and OMZ, and PTX (positive controls) using standard kits [Cat#ELR- TNF-[alpha]-CL; Cat#ELR-IL-1[beta]-CL; Cat#ELR-VEGF-CL; Ray Biotech, Inc.
Neonates in group 2 who had nosocomial sepsis were treated with intravenous PTX (TrentalA(r) 100 mg/5 ml; Hoechst Marion Roussel, Istanbul; 5 ml/kg per day every 6 hours for 3 consecutive days) as a supportive therapy to a classical nosocomial sepsis antibiotic treatment protocol.
Nevertheless, specificity and sensitivity of PTX-3, which is a novel long PTX, were similar to those of CRP.
It is hypothesized that PTX may alleviate autoimmune destruction of thyroid gland, it may ameliorates symptoms of HT and it is possible to exert curative effects on HT.
Finally, PTX was administered to investigate its effects on spermatogenesis dysfunction induced by intermittent IHH.
1985); however, PTX and yessotoxins have been considered as DSP toxins mainly because they are extracted together with OA and DTX for DSP testing (Yasumoto et al.
The daily dose of PTX was 95-110 mg/kg body weight/day.
In contrast, PTX 3, a prototype of the long pentraxins, is directly synthesized by innate immunity cells (e.
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