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1.The Easter festival.
Paas egg
See Easter egg, under Easter.
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Kathiriya, along with few PAAS workers reached the Police Station to get them released, and protested against the workers' detention.
At the press conference, Patel showed Rs1 million in cash to the media, claiming it was given to him as "advance" by former PAAS leader Varun Patel, who had joined the BJP on Saturday.
An educational bulletin on Workers' Compensation for Real Estate Sales Persons which has been distributed to the PAAS Commercial Lines Department and to producers.
Second, in an essay of 100 words or less, describe the egg to Cotton, how PAAS products helped you decorate it, and why you chose to decorate it that way.
The people at PAAS, makers of those egg-decorating kits, want to know how you jazz up your eggs and learn about your family's Easter traditions.