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Noun1.Pablo Neruda - Chilean poet (1904-1973)
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Summary: Documents released by Chile's Interior Ministry acknowledge, for the first time, that it is "quite possible" that the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda was assassinated.
I find it both striking and distressing that in 2015, a poem written by Pablo Neruda in 1950 can still be a fitting statement on the relationship between a transnational company and poor, indigenous Latin Americans" - Julie Christie
Funded by the Arts Council of Wales and the union Unite, El Sueno Existe Festival is about taking part, with workshops in salsa, merengue, singing, Andean instruments, the poetry of Pablo Neruda and more.
e ability to set sail while staying on terra rma was, after all, one of the many reasons why Nobel Prizewinning poet Pablo Neruda chose to have a home here in the 1960s.
The ability to set sail while staying on terra firma was, after all, one of the many reasons why Nobel Prize-winning poet Pablo Neruda chose to have a home here in the 1960s.
Laureate d'une quinzaine de prix internationaux dont l'International Literary Neustadt Prize (Etats-Unis-1996), le Prix de la Paix des libraires allemands (Francfort-2000) et le Prix international Pablo Neruda (Italie-2005), Assia Djebar a ecrit, egalement, pour le theatre et realise plusieurs films pour le cinema.
Another quoted Pablo Neruda, saying "You can cut all the flowers, but not stop spring from coming".
Examples of such writers include the anti-fascist French poet Louis Aragon, the dissident Turkish poet Nazim Hikmet, the anti-dictatorship Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, and Toni Morrison and Dennis Brutus who opposed segregation and apartheid in the United States and South Africa respectively.
Modi further said that authors and poets like Octavio Paz, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Pablo Neruda are popular in India.
SANTIAGO, Chile -- The four-decade mystery of whether Chilean Nobel Prize-winning poet Pablo Neruda was poisoned was seemingly cleared up Friday when forensic test results showed no chemical agents in his bones.
Pablo Neruda (1904-73), who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971, led an extraordinarily full and passionate life.
Travel in the Shadows is a soul-stirring blend of original music and classic poetry by Service (author of "Ballads of a Bohemian"), Theodore Roethke, Pablo Neruda, Alfred Lord Tennyson, and Edna St.