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prop. n.1.A divinity worshiped by the ancient Peruvians as the creator of the universe.
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The spirits of the earth are called hua'cas and include Pachacamac, also known as Pachamama or Mother Earth,' and other spirits embodied in the natural environment.
Material found at the same level and deposit as the khipu included sherds of the pottery styles known as Nieveria, Lima 9 and Pachacamac, which are generally dated to the Lima culture (AD 200-750; Shady Solis et al.
Wari metal and turquoise figurines were also featured, with watercolors that document some of the earliest excavations of Wari tombs at the site of Pachacamac, near Lima.
Don't miss Pachacamac, ancient stone pyramids dating back to 100AD that became a sacred site for the Incas and home to oracles such as the Earthquake God.
THE RECEPTION: The stunning Casaclub in Pachacamac, Lima, Peru - tropical gardens, swimming pools and waterfalls.
They had been found in the Pachacamac Valley, a sandy area in modern southern Lima (Figure 1, panel B).
The Pachacamac archaeological complex in Peru, the ancient Khmer temple of Preah Vihear in Cambodia, the sacred city of Kandy, which was the last capital of the ancient kings' era of Sri Lanka, the minaret of Jam in Afganistan and the Klasies River Caves in South Africa, also come under the "rescue needed" banner.
South of Villa El Salvador is the expansive historic city of Pachacamac, occupying a fraction of the coastal terrain (no longer on high cliffs) and considerable land to the east.
Upon consultation with the Indian god Pachacamac, Marucha advises her disciple to comply with her parents' wishes, and, at least, to sleep in her bed and share the meals with them and her two little sisters.