Pacific bonito

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Noun1.Pacific bonito - common bonito of Pacific coast of the AmericasPacific bonito - common bonito of Pacific coast of the Americas; its dark oily flesh cans well
genus Sarda, Sarda - bonitos
bonito - any of various scombroid fishes intermediate in size and characteristics between mackerels and tunas
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We didn't see any marlin in the harbor, but did catch plenty of mackerel and managed to land four Pacific bonito, pound-for-pound one of the feistiest fish in the ocean.
The cruise concluded with measurements and biological samples along several transects off southern California, as far south as the Coronados Islands, and special studies of the biology of and fisheries for mackerel (chub mackerel, Scomber japonicus, formerly known as Pacific mackerel), Pacific bonito, Sarda chiliensis, and Pacific barracuda, Sphyraena argentea.
5) In the "Others" category, rainbow runner, Elagatis bipinnulatus, and bait fishes such as mackerels (Scombridae), triggerfishes (Balistidae), Pacific bonito, Sarda chiliensis, etc.

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