Pacific halibut

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Noun1.Pacific halibut - a righteye flounder found in the Pacific
righteye flounder, righteyed flounder - flounders with both eyes on the right side of the head
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Alaska Halibut and Black Cod -- Harvest Season Opens This Weekend Alaskan waters are home to over 95 percent of Pacific halibut and over 70 percent of the black cod harvested in the United States.
The International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC) concluded their annual meeting on Jan.
Anglers have caught the remaining 2014 Pacific halibut summer all-depth season quota for the central Oregon Coast, ending the season in Oregon's most popular halibut fishery.
The Orange County Register reported Friday that 76-year-old Jack McGuire of Santa Ana caught a 482-pound Pacific halibut.
OES contributes nearly $3 million to the Pacific Salmon Commission and an additional $5 million by participating in the international Pacific Halibut Commission, which ensures the maintenance of sustainable populations of Pacific salmon.
The days of filling the freezer are pretty much over for everybody," says Donaid Lane, a Homer commercial fisherman and member of the International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC).
Other skates Rajiformes Pacific Cod Gadus macrocephalus Pacific Flatnose Antimora micolepis Pacific Grenadier Coryphaenoides acrolepis Pacific Hake Merluccius productus Pacific Halibut Hippoglossus stenolepis Pacific Ocean Perch Sebastes alutus Pacific Sanddab Citharichthys sordidus Petrale Sole * Eopsetta jordani Redbanded Rockfish Sebastes babcocki Rex Sole * Glyptocephalus zachirus Rosethorn Rockfish Sebastes helvomaculatus Sablefish * Anoplopoma fimbria Shortspine Thornyhead * Sebastolobus alascanus Pacific Spiny Dogfish Squalus suckleyi Splitnose Rockfish Sebastes diploproa Spotted Ratfish Hydrolagus colliei Widow Rockfish Sebastes entomelas Yelloweye Rockfish Sebastes ruberrimus % of % of Common name inshore tows offshore tows Arrowtooth Flounder * 64.
Overfished and vulnerable species were substituted for more sustainable catch: Atlantic halibut sold as Pacific halibut and speckled hind sold as red grouper.
2004)) and Pacific halibut (Gulf of Alaska and British Columbia (Piner & Wischniowski 2004)), and that geoducks born during and after the bomb testing period (1953-1963) will exhibit elevated [sup.
Pacific halibut fishermen adopted fly-fishing streamers and catch-shares to dramatically reduce the destruction of seabirds and turtles from their longlines and to protect the fishery from overfishing.
In addition to Alaska salmon, applications for certification have been submitted for Alaska Pacific Halibut Alaska Black Cod (Sablefish),Alaska King and Snow Crab and Alaska Pollock.

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