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Noun1.packed cells - a preparation of blood cells separated from the liquid plasma; "packed cells are given to severely anemic patients in order to avoid overloading the circulatory system with too much fluid"
blood cell, blood corpuscle, corpuscle - either of two types of cells (erythrocytes and leukocytes) and sometimes including platelets
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He was started on intravenous fluids, injection Ceftriaxone and packed red blood cells were transfused.
Packed red blood cells (RBCs) are prepared from whole blood by removing approximately 250 mL of plasma by centrifugation and then re- suspending the red cells in citrate based anticoagulant preserving solution to prolong storage time.
Packed red blood cells accounted for 78% (n=89) of transfused units linked to reactions, followed by fresh frozen plasma (17%, n= 19) and platelets (5%, n=6).
The patient received two further units of packed red blood cells and oral omeprazole.
Blood loss was only 15 ml/kg, and since the hemoglobin value was borderline (89 g/l) during the surgery, the patient received 10ml/kg of packed red blood cells.
Transfusion of packed red blood cells (PRBC) provides the best option for patients requiring rapid correction of anemia, as it results in the quickest increase in hemoglobin levels.
Intraoperatively, she received two units of packed red blood cells and two units of platelets, to counteract the effects of aspirin.
In 2008, she required a total of 60 units of packed red blood cells transfused (the last transfusion in December, 2008) at another institution because of massive gastrointestinal bleeding secondary to a colonic arteriovenous malformation, which was obliterated successfully by laser.
6 L), received significantly less packed red blood cells (2.
Surface disinfection of packed red blood cells with 70% ethanol.
Dave' a 63-year-old man with myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS)' is receiving a transfusion of packed red blood cells.
The end result will leave you with packed red blood cells (most dense), PRP (middle layer also called "buffy coat"), and platelet-poor plasma (least dense).