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Noun1.packed cells - a preparation of blood cells separated from the liquid plasma; "packed cells are given to severely anemic patients in order to avoid overloading the circulatory system with too much fluid"
blood cell, blood corpuscle, corpuscle - either of two types of cells (erythrocytes and leukocytes) and sometimes including platelets
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27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- CytoSorbents Corporation (NASDAQ: CTSO), a critical care immunotherapy company specializing in blood purification, announced today that the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI), a division of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), awarded the Company a Phase II SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) contract, that will help advance the Company's HemoDefend(TM) blood purification technology towards commercialization for the purification of packed red blood cell (pRBC) transfusions.
Persistent severe anemia and hemorrhage was managed with 5 units of packed red blood cells and 20 units of fresh frozen plasma in total.
The contract is for the supply of laboratory filters: Task 1 - Supply of laboratory filters to remove leukocytes from packed red blood cells in an amount of 6 000 units.
Transfusion of packed red blood cells (PRBC) provides the best option for patients requiring rapid correction of anemia, as it results in the quickest increase in hemoglobin levels.
Intraoperatively, she received two units of packed red blood cells and two units of platelets, to counteract the effects of aspirin.
Among those who required hysterectomy, the estimated blood loss, need for packed red blood cells, need for other blood products, operating room time, and length of stay did not differ significantly between those who did and those who did not have arterial occlusion, although an insignificant trend for lower estimated blood loss and need for packed red blood cells was seen in the group who had balloon occlusion, Dr.
The patient's hematocrit continued to drop overnight to 19%; he received an additional 2 units of packed red blood cells and returned to interventional radiology for further evaluation.
The patient received 6 units of packed red blood cells (PRBCs) and 2 units of fresh frozen plasma (FFP) over several clinic visits on January 1 and January 22-24, 2007.
They ordered an IV bolus and two units of packed red blood cells at 5:30 p.
Infusing a crystalloid solution (normal saline or lactated Ringer's solution) or stored packed red blood cells without clotting factors into a hemorrhaging patient will dilute the clotting factors and can actually make the patient more coagulopathic.
Mortality for moderate use (3 units of packed red blood cells or 10 units of Hemopure) was found to be 1% in both cohorts, and serious adverse events were 0.
The donations will then be turned into various products - including whole blood, packed red blood cells and frozen plasma - for both emergency and pre-planned transfusions.