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Noun1.Paeonia - peonies: herbaceous or shrubby plants having showy flowersPaeonia - peonies: herbaceous or shrubby plants having showy flowers
magnoliid dicot genus - genus of dicotyledonous flowering plants regarded as among the most primitive of extant angiosperms
family Paeoniaceae, Paeoniaceae, peony family - perennial rhizomatous herbs and shrubs; of temperate Europe and North America
paeony, peony - any of numerous plants widely cultivated for their showy single or double red or pink or white flowers
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Aeneas speared Leiocritus son of Arisbas, a valiant follower of Lycomedes, and Lycomedes was moved with pity as he saw him fall; he therefore went close up, and speared Apisaon son of Hippasus shepherd of his people in the liver under the midriff, so that he died; he had come from fertile Paeonia and was the best man of them all after Asteropaeus.
P and School Committees for Primary and Secondary Education of the Municipality of Paeonia.
In these beds, Paeonia lactiflora cultivars that were only planted this time last year, have several flower buds apiece.
The traditional Chinese formula Shakuyaku-kanzo-to, or TJ-68, a decoction of Glycyrrhiza glabra and Paeonia lateriflora, has clinical trials showing that it is a very effective treatment for PCOS.
His own personal favourites for each season, which are easily grown in this country and will add both colour and texture to the garden scene, include Cornus sanguinea 'Winter Flame' in winter; Scilla siberica, Helleborus nigra and Fritillaria meleagris 'Alba' in spring; Dicentra Formosa 'Aurora', Iris sibirica 'Silver Edge', Paeonia 'White Wings', Rosa moyesii 'Nevada' and Phlox paniculata 'Rosa Pastell' in summer; and Anemone 'Honorine Jobert' and Gentiana makinoi in autumn.
My personal favourite is Paeonia Sarah Bernhardt - a class act in June and July needing no staking or lifting, great foliage in spring and autumn, weed suppressing and show stopping large saucer sized apple blossom pink blooms.
Chloroplast DNA phylogeny, reticulate evolution, and biogeography of Paeonia (Paeoniaceae).
ABOVE - paeonia lactiflora 'Bowl of Beauty'- pink -tinted flowers with a cream centre, height/ spread 80cm.
Areca catechu (methanol extract), Dendrobium plicatile (methanol extract), Juglans regia (water extract), Paeonia lactiflora (methanol extract), Psychotria serpens (water and methanol extracts), Rhodiola sacra (water and methanol extracts) and Uncaria rhynchophylla (water extract) especially showed strong scavenging activity against superoxide anion radical (*O2-), while J.
Paeonia extract also inhibited rises in a number of other myocardial enzymes in a dose dependant manner.
987); 14 Hans Guido Riegel (GER, PAEONIA Racing, 2:50.
The monoterpene glucosides from Paeonia lactoflora have been shown to provide antioxidant and antidepressant effects in several in vivo studies as well.