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(Placename) a town in SW Cyprus, near the sites of two ancient cities: famous as the centre of Aphrodite worship and traditionally the place at which she landed after her birth among the waves. Pop: 53 060 (2001)


(ˈpeɪfɒs) or


(Classical Myth & Legend) Greek myth the son of Pygmalion and Galatea, who succeeded his father on the throne of Cyprus


(ˈpeɪ fɒs)

an ancient city in SW Cyprus.
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Capitalising on many years of experience and expertise, Aristo Developers proudly boasts such landmarks as the Kings Avenue Mall in Pafos, the Private International School of Paphos, theme parks such as Aphrodite Water Park and golf courses such as the world-renowned Secret Valley Golf Club at Venus Rock Golf Resort, destined to become the largest seaside resort in the Eastern Mediterranean under development.
Some 114 delegates from over 30 countries as far flung as Russia, the USA and Benin will fly into Pafos, a 2017 European Capital of Culture, to take part in the three-day series of discussions, workshops and networking on how to best use music as a cultural diplomacy tool: a way to bring people together across difference, foster discussion and build mutual understanding.
A 20 kilometros de Pafos y segun la mitologia, en la playa sobresale una roca donde naceria la Diosa del amor y la belleza.
For information contact the offices of Pafos Aphrodite Festival Cyprus on 26822218 or visit the company's website www.
Down by the coast in Kato Pafos you'll find the main hotels, bars, and a wide range of restaurants and shops hugging a rocky shoreline interspersed with small sandy beaches and crystal blue waters.
Within a short walking distance to sandy beaches and all amenities of Pafos town, Elysia Park comprises 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments, penthouses and 2 bedroom terraced houses, centred around 2 of the largest residents waterfall swimming pools in Cyprus.
According to the figures given out on one of the daily evening weather information programmes on local TV last week, that day 132 micrograms of dust was recorded in Pafos, 20 times the normal level.
A 15-minute bus service, costing only 80 cents ( a little over 80p ( runs regularly into Pafos where we spent a couple of hours enjoying the banter in the market.
The centre of Pafos is dominated by the harbour and its old fort.
Location: Leptos Apollo Beach Village, Pafos , CyprusBedrooms: Three Price Range: 251,000 to400,000 Euros (approx pounds 153,110 -pounds 244,000) Accommodation: Room sizes and layouts vary in seafront area luxury complex.
Mr Lee moved with wife Lesley to Cyprus, where the couple had a retirement home built in the village of Kissonerga,just outside the holiday resort of Pafos.
Andreas, sets off from Pafos amid much village pomp.