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n. pl. Pahari or Pa·ha·ris
1. A member of any of various, mostly Hindu peoples of Nepal and the Himalayan foothills of India.
2. The group of Indo-Aryan languages spoken by these peoples, including Nepali.

[Hindi Pahāṛī, of the mountains, Pahari, from pahāṛ, mountain, from Middle Indic *pāhāḍa, probably akin to Prakrit pāṣāṇa, pāhāṇa, a rock, a stone, from Sanskrit pāṣāṇaḥ, from earlier *parṣāṇa-; akin to Kati (Nuristani language of Afghanistan and Pakistan) parši, mountain, mountain pass, and Pashto parṣa, rock.]

Pa·ha′ri adj.


(Languages) a group of Indo-European languages spoken in the Himalayas, divided into Eastern Pahari (Nepali) and Western Pahari (consisting of many dialects)


(pɑˈhɑr i, pə-)

n., pl. -ris.
1. a member of any of a number of peoples living in the Himalayan foothills.
2. the group of languages spoken by these peoples, in most usages including only Indo-Aryan languages, as Nepali.
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In addition, the Paharis who constitute a significant portion of the population residing in Madhes also reject this demand.
Major ethnic groups -- like the Poorvanchalis and the Paharis -- were also not represented well, rue local BJP leaders.
Let us make it clear to them that it is not a question of any particular community or religion but the entire Jammu and Kashmir including Jammu, Ladakh, Azad Kashmir, Gilgit and Baltistan," said Mirwaiz, adding that "We are fighting for rights of all including Kashmiris, Dogras, Ladakhis , Paharis, Gujjars and Kashmiri Pandits.
That is the voice of local Paharis who have to live with the devastation caused.
This point also came up during the individual interviews and group discussions that Terai people have been abused by Paharis.
Aslam said police teams are conducting raids to arrest Paharis remaining accomplices.
These schedule tribes (Gujjars and Bakerwals) allege that state government has obliged the Paharis by recommending ST status for them to the central government without any basis.
Abdullah has increased retirement age from 58 to 60, increased employment age from 37 to 40, and gave reservation to paharis who have substantial population in Jammu to reach out voters afresh.
This paper analyses the Paharis schooling with post-modern approach and discusses the ways that transform the existing education system.
He has launched a blitzkrieg of populist measures by increasing retirement age from 58 to 60 and giving reservation to paharis who comprise a substantial share of Jammu's population.
A section of the Gujjar community is opposed to the Schedule Tribe ( ST) status demanded by the paharis and had recently requested Rahul not to be part of the event.
He found a thriving art market in India for both Mughal court paintings--although the best of these had long gone to Britain--and for the quite different Rajput paintings made for the Hindu rajas of the indigenous courts of Rajasthan, Bundelkhand and the Pahari region in the Himalayan foothills that the Mughal emperor Akbar had accepted into his ruling elite.