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n.1.(Naut.) A large war canoe of the Society Islands.
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Mario Rosero Pahi, Psicologo Universidad del Valle, Magister en Neurociencia Universidad de Chile, estudiante de doctorad en Neurociencia traslacional, Universidad Heidelberg.
Villages and Languages of the Torricelli and upper Sepik Region Villages (in text) Language Family Wilkili, Taute, Lau'um, OLO WAPEI Buru'um, Ali, Sabite Wilium, Epeyou, Kapoam Rauit GNAU WAPEI Wamil WIAKI WIAKI Yemereba, Yulem BELI BELI Laeko, Libuat LAEKO-LIBUAT LAEKO-LIBUAT Wosapom PAHI TAMA Yawa-Rapaw KALOU TAMA Klaplei III MEHEK TAMA Bongos KWANGA NUKUMA Kwoma villages KWOMA NUKUMA Villages (in text) Stock Phylum Wilkili, Taute, Lau'um, WAPEI-PALEI TORRICELLI Buru'um, Ali, Sabite Wilium, Epeyou, Kapoam Rauit WAPEI-PALEI TORRICELLI Wamil MAIMAI TORRICELLI Yemereba, Yulem MAIMAI TORRICELLI Laeko, Libuat MAIMAI TORRICELLI Wosapom TAMA SEPIK Yawa-Rapaw TAMA SEPIK Klaplei III TAMA SEPIK Bongos MIDDLE SEPIK SEPIK Kwoma villages MIDDLE SEPIK SEPIK
nz/ 'Te Pahi was, by 1800, one of the senior chiefs of the north-western Bay of Islands.
Commanding the western and southern approaches to Te Puna are the terraced earthworks of the pa of Te Pahi Island (P05/2), drawn in 1899 looking from the east towards the west, or head, of the Bay of Islands (Fig.
Gerard Pahi is Education Director at the Kalamazoo Aviation History Museum.
The first was Gordon Coates (Prime Minister 1925-28), who was born in Pahi, Kaipara, in 1878.
A historicogeographical study on the relation between rTsan yul and Yan lag gsum pahi ru.
9 iti tvagne vrstihavyasya putra / upastutasa rsayo (a)vocan // tams ca pahi grnatas ca surin / vasad vasal ity urdhvaso anaksan / namo nama ity urdhvaso anaksan "Thus, O Agni, have the sons of Vrstihavya, the Upastuta's, (and) the rishis spoken to thee.
In these Proes or Pahee's [ie Malay perahu or Tahitian pahi = sailing vessel] as they call them from all accounts we can learn, these people sail in those seas from Island to Island for several hundred Leagues, the Sun serving them for a compass by day and the Moon and Stars by night.
Tenders are invited for Construction Of Road From Thukuri Pahi House Towards Satakania School In Ward No.
Tenders are invited for Renewal of (1) Mirganj-Bhiduna L/R, (2) Bhatahar-Usrahiya L/R, (3) Bhatahar Aderawa L/R, (4) Bhatahar Dhari L/R, (5) Bhatahar Chakiya L/R, (6) Bhatahar Chaudhri Ka Pura L/R, (7) Bhatahar Dinapur Pahi L/R, (8) Bhatahar Sahida L/R, (9) Bhatahar Barwa Talab Pahi L