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1)Pant- Terry Cotton (2) Apron- Terry Cotton (3)Shirt- terry Cotton (4)Apron Cotton Special (5)Shirt Ordinary and Special (6) Towel big and small 7) Bed Sheet- Single and Doable Cover (8)Draw Sheet (9) Curtain (White& Colour)- Big and Small (10) Mask and Cap (11) Boiler Suit (12) Vehicle Suit (13) Bed Spread- Single and Double (14)White Napkin (15) Table Mat (16) Foot Mai (17)Pillow Cover (18) Kurta Paijama (Patient Uniform) etc.
The dupatta will be an original, while the kurta and farshi paijama are being recreated by designer Ritu Kumar.
Men also appeared to be happier lounging around at home in their "jim jams" or "PJs", which are derived from the loose-fitting Asian paijama trouser.