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A sensory receptor that responds to pain.

[Latin nocēre, to hurt; see nocent + (re)ceptor.]
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Their electrical properties enable them to signal much more rapidly than normal pain fibers and to keep firing as long as the hair is being pulled.
Pain fibers enter the spinal cord to undergo one of the several routes nerves.
Gate control uses counter-stimulation of aBeta motion nerves and C-fiber cold nerves to overwhelm the aDelta pain fibers.
People with asthma have a lot more pain fibers and they're especially sensitive.
Soft tissues have a high density of pain fibers and frequently, with ongoing irritation, the pain generated can be severe and prolonged.
In the local relief of pain, lidocaine patches work by distinct mechanisms, which may include blocking the conduction mediated by sodium channels [5], and the reduction of pain fibers in the zone of allodynia.
now, an Australian study published in the journal Pain suggests how peppermint activates an "anti-pain" channel in the c The researchers state that there appears to be a definite link between IBS and a former bout of gastroenteritis, which leaves nerve pain fibers in a heightened state, altering mechanisms in the gut wall and resulting in ongoing pain.
They have been described as coagulation of the neo-nociceptive pain fibers, repair of annular tears and remodelling and shrinkage of the annular collagen (8,10).
The new study is another piece of evidence in a long trail of research that affirms what careful anatomical studies have already revealed: that the ascending pain fibers reach the cortex by 20 weeks, if not earlier.
Some experts in the field believe that vulvar pain from vulvodynia and vulvar vestibulitis (as well as the painful bladder disorder interstitial cystitis) may be linked to sensitivity to oxalate, a chemical in foods that can stimulate pain fibers.
N-type calcium channels are located mainly in the dorsal horn cells of the spinal cord, predominantly on the superficial layers, in the area of substantia gelatinosa where pain fibers synapse, Dr.