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1. A game in which players on one team seek to eliminate those on an opposing team by marking them with a water-soluble dye shot in capsules from air guns.
2. The dye-filled gelatinous capsule shot from guns in this game.


(ˈpeɪntˌbɔːl) or


(Team Sports, other than specified) a game in which teams of players simulate a military skirmish, shooting each other with paint pellets that explode on impact, marking the players who have been shot
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Noun1.paintball - a capsule filled with water-soluble dye used as a projectile in playing the game of paintballpaintball - a capsule filled with water-soluble dye used as a projectile in playing the game of paintball
capsule - a small container
2.paintball - a game that simulates military combat; players on one team try to eliminate players on the opposing team by shooting capsules of paint at them
outdoor game - an athletic game that is played outdoors
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Trigger safety can fail and allow paintballs to fire unexpectedly, posing an impact hazard.
Bosses of UK Paintball, which has sites in Coventry, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Redditch, Nottingham and Stoke, placed a bizarre sits vacant ad for someone to have paintballs shot at them to test their impact.
John said of his latest venture: "I have collaborated with local paintball companies to bring this experience to the city and have developed a lovely team that don't mind being shot at with paintballs.
WE WROTE: SIX children have been hit by paintballs after they were shot at from a vehicle as it raced around Marske and Redcar.
Instead of using actual paintballs, customers and staff use small plastic balls to shoot down targets and see what each gun can do.
Decreases in the wholesale prices of paintballs and paintball equipment
They can slug it out in the newly opened 45 x 45m paintball field Au shooting their opponents, of course, with paintballs.
One launches the 70-millimeter paintballs that gamers fire by the millions each year.
When you play paintball, you need a marker, paintballs, a CO2 or compressed air tank, and a mask to protect your face.
A MAN caught with a submachine gun told police he thought it was for firing paintballs.
We have teamed up with Skirmish Paintball Games, one of the largest paintball park operators in the UK, and our fantastic offer includes free entry, up to 10 games, all the equipment you'll need, PLUS 100 paintballs to get you started.