Painted Desert

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Paint·ed Desert

A plateau region of north-central Arizona east of the Colorado and Little Colorado Rivers. Irregularly eroded layers of red and yellow sediment and clay have left striking bands of color.

Painted Desert

(Placename) a section of the high plateau country of N central Arizona, along the N side of the Little Colorado River Valley: brilliant-coloured rocks; occupied largely by Navaho and Hopi Indians. Area: about 20 000 sq km (7500 sq miles)

Paint′ed Des′ert

a region in N central Arizona, E of the Colorado River.
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Noun1.Painted Desert - a desert on a high plateau in northeastern ArizonaPainted Desert - a desert on a high plateau in northeastern Arizona
Arizona, Grand Canyon State, AZ - a state in southwestern United States; site of the Grand Canyon
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One instant he was astride a broncho and flying through the fairy-colored Painted Desert country; the next instant he was gazing down through shimmering heat into the whited sepulchre of Death Valley, or pulling an oar on a freezing ocean where great ice islands towered and glistened in the sun.
org> Painted Desert, Texas Dali, Black Hawaiian, Corsican, Desert Sand, New Mexico Dahl, Multi-horned Hair and Mouflon.
Catch the first sunrise in Maine, hunt for seashells in Florida, discover the colors of the Painted Desert in Arizona, explore California's redwoods, see volcanic lava in Hawaii, stargaze in Joshua Tree, and more.
The Las Vegas home in 89149 is a part of the Painted Desert subdivision and is located on Riverwood Court's cul de sac.
He is best known for his work in progress, Roden Crater, located in the Painted Desert of Northern Arizona.
I'd walked through a market in New Mexico stocked with baskets handwoven by Native American women and taken in gorgeous vistas in the Painted Desert.
For the first half millennium CE a society (or societies) that we know as Nasca flourished along riverine oases across the painted desert of the south coast of Peru.
Later, in the 1970s, Turrell flew over a volcanic field at the edge of the Painted Desert in Arizona and discovered something that would evolve into a more than 30-year project: the Roden Crater.
I was driving through the Painted Desert when I dropped my lighter.
Photographic opportunities abound at the Painted Desert, a colorful collection of hills, buttes and mesas carved by millions of years of erosion.
I was in Tuba City, part of the homeland of the Navajo Native Americans, an oasis in the stunning Painted Desert, Arizona.
New Mexico's Painted Desert is a multicolored badland.