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n.1.See Palempore.
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The cotton painted textiles of the Coromandel Coast popularly known as chintz, palampore or pintados, are finely drawn with wax resist--known in Tamil as mezhuguezhuthu (mezhugu=wax, ezhutu=writing) (7)--with a predominant use of chay red and indigo blue dyes.
The allure of the early Indian cloths and their big impact are driven home when we confront the giant among chintz: the furnishing textile known as palampore.
The palampore holds a unique place in the history of textiles.
ca/media/ podcasts/ to see Shirley Ellis at work on her most challenging project to date: a large palampore, a type of bed curtain or cover made in 18thcentury India.
Considered one of the jewels of the ROM's Textile Collection, this early 18th-century palampore, or bedcover, from India's Coromandel Coast is decorated with an intricate tree of life design inspired by a melange of Persian, European, Indian, and Chinese styles.
More than three months of painstaking conservation work was needed to prepare the POMs palampore for exhibition in the Sir Christopher Ondaatje South Asian Gallery.
Or maybe a colourful palampore textile panel from 1700s-era India would be more your style.
A palampore from the ROM's collection is the largest artifact in the new gallery.