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Las tarisznya's acostumbran a contener huevos, panceta, carne, palinka (aguardiente) y queso.
There's a decent range of bars at the festival, serving everything from beer to any cocktail you can think of - but in Hungary, there is only one rocket fuel the locals will recommend - Palinka, the country's classic spirit.
Only pure fruit-distilled palinka and herb-based spirits were exempt.
The difference between Agardi Distillery palinka imported from Hungary and its American fruit-flavored brandy counterparts is crystal clear.
You could give Palinka a try, a fruit brandy made from plums, apricots, apples, pears or cherries.
while legal advice was provided by Latham and Watkins LLP and DomaA"ski Zakrzewski Palinka sp.
The sun is shining, autumn colours are all around us as we enter a beautiful setting and are welcomed with Palinka (a traditional fruit brandy) shots and freshly baked bread still warm from the oven.
Live music was played by the Skopje Woodwind Quintet, and traditional Hungarian culinary specialties and sweets, accompanied by Hungarian wines and palinka, were served at the reception.
Quase sem falar, quase sem se tocar, as personagens vivem na frugalidade, sem agua canalizada ou eletricidade, sendo as suas refeicoes exclusivamente constituidas de Palinka e batata cozida, utilizando as maos para comer; movimentam-se em conjunto, coordenados como um par de bailarinos sem alma, ensaiados pela repeticao, numa atitude apatica, sem indicios de qualquer prazer ou dor--como se apenas existissem.
Ce vent du Jazz soufflera avec des airs de l'Est transmis par des figures emblematiques, en l'occurrence d'Arun Gosh (Compositeur et clarinettiste), Yehya Khalil (le grand batteur egyptien), Nabil Khemir, David Helbock Trio (pianiste autrichien), Petr Kroutil Orchestra, Sofia Fusion Quartet, Palinka, The Klezmaniacs, Dallas Quarte, Noam Vazana, Elisabeth Kontomanou et Samy Thiebault.