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A powerful toxin that occurs in corals of the genus Palythoa of the South Pacific and disrupts the flow of ions across cell membranes. It is rapidly fatal to humans in very small doses and is one of the most complex naturally occurring substances.

[New Latin Paly(thoa), genus name (coined by Jean Vincent Félix Lamouroux (1779-1825), French biologist, perhaps based on the name of one of the Oceanids, such as Pāsithoē, in the Theogony of Hesiod) + toxin.]
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After a 60-year overview of the history and evolution of synthesis of natural products, sections on comparative design cover classics in terpenes and alkaloid synthesis, with an additional section on miscellaneous targets such as palytoxin, brevetoxin B, and indinavir.
from Purdue University in Chemistry and completed his postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard University, focusing on the synthesis of novel bioisosteres of Palytoxin.
Maths expert Simon Wilson, 60, tried to use palytoxin to make his death look like a heart attack and spare his family more pain.