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A movement advocating the political and cultural union of Slavic nations and peoples.

Pan-Slav′ic adj.
Pan-Slav′ist n.


(Historical Terms) (esp in the 19th century) the movement for the union of the Slavic peoples, esp under the hegemony of tsarist Russia
ˈPan-ˈSlavic adj
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It became obligatory to call Solzhenitsyn a pan-Slavist nationalist and "Slavophile" even though the author and his fictional hero in The Red Wheel, Colonel Georgi Vorotyntsev, are unremitting critics of what Solzhenitsyn has called the "messianic exclusiveness" to which the pan-Slavists and even the great Dostoevsky were prone.
He examines the Croatian Romantic poet and pan-Slavist, Ivan Mazuranic, who painstakingly composed the missing cantos in 1844.
Various groups are subjected to study and analysis, including fundamentalists, pan-Slavists, neo-Eurasianists, Orthodox Communists and nationalists.