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n.1.(Naut.) See Paunch.
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Following the pancake entry in "The Science of Good Food" were Pancetta (see Bacon), Panch Phoron (see Spices) and Pancreas (see Organ Meats.
The members of the Hindu and Muslim communities came face to face and engaged pitched battles after a digital banner of the so-called Hindu Defense Committee was alleged to have been torn in the central Panch Kandil locality in the city, according to police sources.
For a Bengali fried fish dish take 600g (lib 5oz) rainbow trout, iy2 tbsp lemon juice, y2 tsp ground turmeric, y2 tsp salt, 3 green chillies, chopped, 3 ripe tomatoes, chopped, 5cm (2inch) ginger, chopped, 4tbsp mustard oil, y2 tsp garam masala, 2tsp panch pharam (see recipe below).
The author, who recently created the very differently toned "Sleeping Beauty Wakes" for Center Theatre Group, has an especially deft hand with the informational commentary on each speller (although I suspect Jay Reiss, playing the word-calling vice principal Douglas Panch, may have had a hand in this, too).
He can hang out with Pritch and Panch and look after my kids.
He was active in politics and also served on his village's panch - the equivalent of a parish council.
Justin Timberlake's famous ex, her mother and a convoy of giggling girls descended upon the West Village Mexican restaurant Panch t o's .
As early as the 1600's, British sailors and settlers traveling throughout India came upon panch or paantsch (or "punch" as the Europeans pronounced it).
Address : Cife/ Off Yari Road, Panch Marg, Versova, Mumbai
Leazes Park AA hold their PANCH Memorial Open, while Ryton and District have a Club match on Tilcon Pond and Ferryhill and District AC hold a club match on Shafto's.
West End star Darren is set to play Vice Principal Panch, a senior member of the judging panel who has recently returned to the competition after five years with a fresh outlook on life, all thanks to his high-fibre diet and his unrequited love of fellow judge and previous Bee champion Rona Lisa Peretti.
Before that, though, the official word reader is called forth, Vice Principal Douglas Panch, who in the hands of the splendidly sardonic Charles J.