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 (păn′dər-əs) also Pan·dar (-dər)
1. The leader of the Lycians, slain by Diomedes in the Iliad.
2. The procurer of Cressida for Troilus in medieval romance.


1. (Classical Myth & Legend) Greek myth the leader of the Lycians, allies of the Trojans in their war with the Greeks. He broke the truce by shooting Menelaus with an arrow and was killed in the ensuing battle by Diomedes
2. (Classical Myth & Legend) (in medieval legend) the procurer of Cressida on behalf of Troilus


(ˈpæn dər əs)

a Lycian ally of Priam in the Trojan War: in medieval legend, the procurer of Cressida for Troilus.
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In Iliad 4, the hostilities resume after a cease-fire when the Trojan archer Pandaros (encouraged by Athena in disguise) shoots at Menelaos.
225-226), or when Pandaros explains to Aineias that he did not bring his chariot horses to Troy because of the difficulties of feeding them appropriately in a situation where too many fighters were gathered in one place away from home (Il.
In the Iliad it is the same goddess, Athena, who first convinces the Trojan archer Pandaros to shoo and then turns aside the arrow from its goal; her purpose is to cause the Trojans to break the truce, without bringing any lasting harm to Menelaos.