Pandora's box

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Pan·do·ra's box

A source of many unforeseen troubles: "Reform is a Pandora's box; opening up the system can lead to a loss of economic and political control" (Russell Watson).

Pando′ra's box′

a source of extensive but unforeseen troubles or problems.
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Noun1.Pandora's box - (Greek mythology) a box that Zeus gave to Pandora with instructions that she not open itPandora's box - (Greek mythology) a box that Zeus gave to Pandora with instructions that she not open it; she gave in to her curiosity and opened it; all the miseries and evils flew out to afflict mankind
Greek mythology - the mythology of the ancient Greeks

Pandora's box

[pænˌdɔːrəzˈbɒks] nil vaso di Pandora
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The original Pandora's Box did at least contain hope, this one doesn't.
All three women represent Pandora's Box perfectly and the video isn't just great for us, it is for the ladies as well, it's wonderful for their confidence," says Katie.
The substance taken in this case appears to have been called Pandora's Box.
Impeccably presented with rich animated cut scenes, plus some great voice acting, Pandora's Box is a fine addition to any DS owner's catalogue.
Professor Layton and Pandora's Box (DS) PROFESSOR Layton and The Curious Village was one of the surprise smash hits on the DS last year so inevitably the franchise would continue - but would it live up to the success of its predecessor?
Dubai: AaThe issuing of an arrest warrant for Sudanese President Omar Al Bashir is "a grave precedent" that will open a Pandora's Box in the largest African country, Arab legal experts and international law specialists say.
Burglar Bill, by Pandora's Box Theatre Company, will be showing at Solihull Arts Complex at 11am, followed by a performance at Chelmsley Wood Library, Stephenson Drive, at 3pm the same day.
Well it's not quite the Ark of the Covenant, or even Pandora's Box, but the BBC had no idea what it was unleashing when it opened an innocent-looking unmarked tin in the archives - the earliest episode of cheap and cheerless soap Crossroads.
City Council and complicit mayor have opened up a Pandora's box of new ways to tax the people.
For now, Unger says, asking a doctor for a CT scan as a test for lung cancer is like "opening a Pandora's box.
It's unusual to see Greek myths in picturebook format, but Jean Marzollo's retelling of PANDORA'S BOX (0316741337, $12.
Creating a separate synod based on ethnicity would open the door to Pandora's box," said Tres Adams III, a theological student advisory delegate from Pittsburgh Seminary.