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It is of great interest that the only time the idea of PanSlavism prevailed among the Serbian Volunteer Corps in Russia was during the war, with all its extremities and pressures.
On Panslavism see above all Hans Kohn, Pan-Slavism: Its History and Ideology, Notre Dame, IN: U.
The program of Panslavism was vague, but its spirit of pride in Slavic cultural and military achievements, and the hope that it held out for a future union of all European Slavs, inspired constant agitation for national autonomy among the Slavs within the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
They at the same time supported the Russian concept of united Orthodox nations as the crucial step towards realization of the Russian policy of Panslavism.
98) Michael Boro Petrovich, The Emergence of Russian Panslavism (Westport, CT: Greenwood, 1985).
This is myth, created by Podhoretz and his ilk, an invented threat like Yellow Peril, Panslavism, Communism.