corn snake

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corn′ snake`

a large harmless rat snake, Elaphe guttata guttata, of the SE U.S., yellow, tan, or gray in color.
[1670–80, Amer.]
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Noun1.corn snake - large harmless snake of southeastern United States; often on farms
rat snake - any of various nonvenomous rodent-eating snakes of North America and Asia
Elaphe, genus Elaphe - North American rat snakes
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Here we examine the fine structure of scales from two species of New World Ratsnakes from middle Tennessee: the Gray Ratsnake, Pantherophis spiloides, and Red Ratsnakes, Pantherophis guttatus.
We examined scales from two Pantherophis spiloides (n = 20, 12 cervical and 8 midbody) and three Pantherophis guttatus (n = 21, 12 cervical and 9 midbody).
The lamellate imbricate basal and echinate apical scale microornamentation pattern of Pantherophis guttatus, P.