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A roofing tile with an S-shaped profile, laid so that the down curve of one tile overlaps the up curve of the one next to it.

[pan + tile.]

pan′tiled′ adj.


1. (Building) a roofing tile, with an S-shaped cross section, laid so that the downward curve of one tile overlaps the upward curve of the adjoining tile
2. (Building) a tapering roofing tile with a semicircular cross section, laid alternately so that the convex side of one tile overlaps the concave side of adjoining tiles
[C17: from pan1 + tile]



a roofing tile curved across its width in the shape of a flattened S, laid so that the convex curve of one tile overlaps the concave curve of the next tile.
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Noun1.pantile - a roofing tile with a S-shapepantile - a roofing tile with a S-shape; laid so that curves overlap
roofing tile, tile - a thin flat slab of fired clay used for roofing


nDachpfanne f
References in classic literature ?
In one corner various heaps of clay had been piled up, destined for tiles and pantiles, and a stack of brushwood and logs (fuel for the kiln no doubt) lay in another part of the enclosure.
Stroll along the Pantiles, a colonnaded walkway, where you can sample the iron-rich water that made the town famous from Regency times.
I have also had a new tiled roof using period pantiles at the back of the property - this was to ensure all was snug and warm
It may not have the most exciting reputation in the world but Sunday brunch, sitting outside on The Pantiles, was a very pleasant way to round off the weekend before the drive home.
Screeds of pantiles mixed with recycled and new tiles.
The finds (not certainly associated with the playhouses, as the site of the Rose was used as a dumping ground after its demolition) include several firsts, ranging from pantiles to sea turtles, and there are early deposits of tobacco and cucurbit seeds (though it is not clear that the audiences were snacking healthily on pumpkin seeds, along with the plums, cherries and other fruit for which there is abundant evidence).
The 54-year-old, of The Pantiles, Washington, said: "I just wish Steven was with us now.
Handmade pantiles were originally used for the roof, although the majority have been now been replace and the walls were faced with cement and rendered in 'snowcrete' to create a dramatic effect.
Every time we drop in there's a different heap of orange pantiles, old beams or marble slabs waiting to be fitted.
Lancaster identified 'Bankers Georgian', 'Curzon Street Baroque' and 'Pseudish'--a particularly clever name for that white-walled sub-Spanish Colonial manner with bright green or turquoise pantiles on the roof.
Richard Smith, from King's Avenue, Flint, spent last weekend competing against the world's greatest in the Pantiles Christmas Strength Challenge, in Tunbridge Wells.
Pantiles - exposed sloping garden making maximum use of horticultural opportunities, with raised vegetable beds and an abundance of pots.