n.1.(Zool.) See Popinjay, 1 (b).
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Byatt's character Lilias Papagay, who associates marriage with consummated sexual relations and pleasure; to her, Emily's unconsummated relation to Hallam is rendered moot and her marriage to Richard Jesse is entirely fitting.
Commentant de facon serree deux versions des Novas del papagay, Sarah Kay nous donne un exemple de la facon dont la philologie romane peut metamorphoser des savoirs traditionnels (etude des manuscrits, etude de la langue) en une pensee sur la citation et le fragment, sur un monolinguisme identitaire (ici la langue d'oc du desir), aliene (creolisation dans les manuscrits) et alienant (le perroquet se jouant de l'amant).
Papagay clearly draws in her pronouncements on shrewd psychological observations of the participants.
Retomando la lectura de la Novas del papagay, acabamos de ver que el texto narrativo -aun siendo un poco posterior a los trovadores- es un lugar para explicitar su condensacion poetica.
Dialogic structures are shown to play an important role in Jacopone da Todi's adaptation of minstrel patterns and lower registers in his laude (see Franco Suitner's study); however, such structures are primarily used to lend a poem some kind of dramatic dimension (even in the context of a narrative work such as Las novas del Papagay, examined by Marie-Claire Geerard-Zai) and may include a variable degree of metrical fragmentation to enhance the effect.
Las Novas del papagay or "Tale of the Parrot" and Frayre de Joy et Sor de Plazer, "Brother of Joy and Sister of Pleasure," both present a maie protagonist largely overshadowed by a parrot who serves as his factotum, especially in situations requiring diplomacy and courtship.
6) Since it was Raimon Vidal who pioneered the use of quotation, and did so extensively in two of these novas, (7) the R version, at least, of the Novas del papagay may appear specifically to address this literary vogue and its Catalan associations.
I propose to see the parrot in Las Novas del papagay as a comic prosthesis and a parodic monolinguist.
All versions of the Novas del papagay share the first panel constituted by the parrot's wooing of the lady, and I will look first at this common element.
28) Thus, whereas in R the Papagay is copied alongside the two novas of Raimon Vidal that contain quotations from the troubadours, in the three other chansonnier manuscripts that transmit it, it is more or less closely associated with the raw material of potential quotation.
The Novas del papagay is thus a window onto Romance philology.