Paper boat

(Naut.) a boat made of water-proof paper.

See also: Paper

References in classic literature ?
So, when he was walking in the Kensington Gardens, he made a paper boat of his bank-note, and sent it sailing on the Serpentine.
The Memorial Gift, a 2-meter-high installation made from scrap metal salvaged in the aftermath of Yolanda, is in the style of a crinkled paper boat to signify how strength (metal) can come from vulnerability (paper).
After the commemoration, one of the artworks was turned into a paper boat and released into the Bosphorus.
SHIP SHAPE Kathryn's model boats were designed along the lines of artist George Wyllie's paper boat.
Banding together over one horrifying and exhilarating summer, the Losers form a close bond to help them overcome their own fears and stop a killing cycle that began on a rainy day, with a small boy chasing a paper boat as it swept down a storm drainand into the hands of Pennywise the Clown.
Arrivals and Sailings: The Making of George Wyllie Scottish artist George Wyllie, who died in 2012, was best known for his giant "social sculptures", The Paper Boat and The Straw Locomotive.
The movie begins brilliantly, with Georgie, a cute little child in the yellow raincoat, running after a paper boat floating in the rain water, leading him to his untimely death.
He said Nawaz's government is just like a paper boat now, which has to drown at every cost.
Though it is not yet profitable, by touching the ethnic Indian tastes with juices such as Aam Panna, Thandai, etc, through its Paper Boat brand, Hector has managed to get premium consumer mindspace.
Playhouse Whitley Bay Mercury Prize nominee Kate Rusby is currently on tour to promote her 14th studio album, Life in a Paper Boat, and will be performing at Playhouse Whitley Bay tonight.
This is demonstrated using a polymeric particle or floating paper boat on water: using the sound pressure hologram, the team generated a ring-shaped crest on the water's surface which looked as if it had frozen the rippie caused by a stone that was thrown into the water.