Paper stock

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rags and other material of which paper is made.

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The Department of Print Services al the University of Massachusetts Amherst, hereafter referred to as the University, is requesting bids from qualified vendors to provide the Contract: Bi-Annual Paper Stock per the following specifications or approved equal.
Zone Graphics supports wide variety of paper stock, both index and card stocks.
This is premised on two assumptions: that a given mold used for the production of a paper stock had a working life of one to two years; and that a scribe or stationer would not be motivated to hoard materials for any length of time and thus would consume the bulk of a purchase of paper within a fairly short time after its acquisition.
Japan switched to a digital share system Monday, the first trading day of 2009, without major glitches as paper stock certificates of all exchange-listed companies converted into electronic data to boost time and cost efficiency as well as shareholder security.
Open Meeting: Paper Stock Industries Chapter of ISRI
The Bureau of Sanitation said that Sun Valley Paper Stock submitted a proposal to use its trash sorting and transfer station, but company officials said they did not make a formal offer because the facility isn't built yet.
Today's standard for business cards is 100- to 110-pound paper stock, says Lowery, though she suggests using the type of paper common in your industry.
a corny photo of the band on extra-thick paper stock (Drummer's in the back
Although the book can be paged through simply for the gorgeous photographs printed on heavy, quality paper stock [the captions are printed in type smaller than the one print on the contract for a Faustian car lease], Jackson does provide some interesting observations in the main body text, such as, when describing how the past is often prelude to concepts to come, he writes: "The hermetic world of the motor industry, from education through to career, coupled with the tangled web of allegiances, technology partnerships, and ownerships that characterize the modern industry, also makes self-reference inevitable.
Peppered throughout, with full-color reproductions of art and photography, the 295 pages of Jazz Modernism are visually and tactilely exciting--from the extreme close up of Louise Armstrong on the cover to the smooth glossy paper stock the text is printed on.
The charter edition of Alt Spec will include three volumes of full-page, full-bleed, four-color product information and advertising, printed on 80-pound paper stock.
A classy, four-color printing job and the look and feel of the paper stock round out the presentation.