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 (păp′yo͞o-ə, pä′po͞o-ä′), Gulf of
A large inlet of the Coral Sea on the southeast coast of New Guinea.


1. (Placename) Territory of Papua a former territory of Australia, consisting of SE New Guinea and adjacent islands: now part of Papua New Guinea. Former name: British New Guinea (1888–1906)
2. (Placename) the W part of the island of New Guinea: formerly under Dutch rule, becoming a province of Indonesia in 1963. Capital: Jayapura. Pop: 2 220 934 (2000). Area: 416 990 sq km (161 000 sq miles). Former names (until 1962): Dutch New Guinea or Netherlands New Guinea Former Indonesian names: Irian Barat (1962-1973) or Irian Jaya (1973-2001) Former English name: West Irian (translation of Irian Barat)
3. (Placename) Gulf of Papua an inlet of the Coral Sea in the SE coast of New Guinea


(ˈpæp yu ə, ˈpɑ puˌɑ)

1. Territory of, a former Australian territory that included SE New Guinea and adjacent islands: now part of Papua New Guinea.
2. Gulf of, an inlet of the Coral Sea on the SE coast of New Guinea.
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Noun1.Papua - the southeastern part of Papua New GuineaPapua - the southeastern part of Papua New Guinea
region, part - the extended spatial location of something; "the farming regions of France"; "religions in all parts of the world"; "regions of outer space"
Independent State of Papua New Guinea, Papua New Guinea - a parliamentary democracy on the eastern half of the island of New Guinea; in 1975 it became an independent state within the Commonwealth of Nations


nPapua nt
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Her course was south-westerly, and in three days she had gone over the 750 leagues that separated it from La Perouse's group and the south-east point of Papua.
The Freedom Flotilla has publicly demonstrated this, and put the issue of the lack of space for democratic expression in West Papua back on the international agenda," he said.
said Monday it has received an order from Indonesia's largest telecommunications company to lay a submarine optical cable system between the Indonesian territories of West Papua, and Papua on the island of New Guinea.
Indonesia : Indonesian police in restive Papua on Saturday detained a Ukrainian tourist attending a prayer session to commemorate the 51st anniversary of the region's movement for independence.
Bambang Soepojanto, the forestry plan director general, said the forestry ministry sets no limited for land to be used by MIFEE in Papua outside primary forest and peat lands.
One of the more enduring stories has been West Papua, a land and people still experiencing the effects of a tumultuous colonial transition and struggling for international attention to the 49 years of systemic abuse of their rights, indigenousness, and daily lives.
O'Collins, Maev 1985: "Women and Politics in Papua New Guinea: External Influences and Internal Constraints" in Maev O'Collins et al 1985: Women in Politics in Papua New Guinea, Working Paper No 6, Department of Political and Social Change, ANU, Canberra.
Yet these events didn't prepare him for the scale of the disaster in Papua New Guinea, where three mountainous waves pounded the northern coastline on July 17 and carried away at least 2,500 people.
The report provides an overview of each of the key sub-segments of the energy industry in Papua New Guinea.
Papua New Guinea Forest Research Institute, Papua New Guinea
PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea, and HOUSTON, May 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- InterOil Corporation (NYSE:IOC)(POMSoX:IOC)("InterOil") today announced that it has nominated Sir Wilson Kamit CBE for election to the Board of Directors.
Following a two-day meeting in Jayapura (June 9-10 2010), the Papuan People's Council (Majelis Rakyat Papua or MRP, a body formed by the Indonesian government in 2005) concluded that the implementation of special autonomy has failed, passing a broad resolution that the law should be returned to the Indonesian government.