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Japan's forced opening up to the world in the 1850s was still recent, and the period's artists and aesthetes were enchanted by what they saw as a paradisical country untouched by modernity, in a state of timeless antiquity that contact with the West threatened to shatter.
The ferry across this paradisical lake takes around 20 minutes, and anyone coming from the centre of lovely little Prien can reach the pier on a quirky little Thomas the Tank Engine narrow-gauge railway, whose chuffy hoots can be heard all over the village.
But in a prescient article entitled "The Direct Primary" written in 1909, during the high-water mark of Progressive enthusiasm for reform, Princeton political scientist Henry Jones Ford warned that the direct primary might take power out of the hands of party chiefs, but it would not result in a paradisical people's democracy.
As a result, however, he did not enjoy the paradisical fantasies he had hoped for, but was tormented by a long-lasting psychosis.
It is expressed in a manner that carries clear echoes of conventional panegyric, as, for instance, when she refers to her concern for her husband after his death by invoking the traditional paradisical image of bees serving him.
The answer to all of the above would be a resounding "yes" if you were looking at a paradisical haven through the eyes of Wildworks theatre director Bill Mitchell and his team of creative creators.