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Noun1.Parallel Lives - a collection of biographies of famous pairs of Greeks and Romans written by Plutarch; used by Shakespeare in writing some of his plays
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BROKEN Age is an excellent point-andclick adventure, telling the stories of a young boy and girl leading parallel lives.
THIS is an excellent point-and-click adventure about a young boy and girl leading parallel lives.
Livingston recounts the amazing story of the parallel lives of Anna and her granddaughter, Stephanie.
Manic-toned scripts with parallel lives, masochistic tendencies in sexual escapades, and disturbing clarities embellished with addiction, fetish, lust, and love, are just a taste of themes found in Jonathan's transgressive literature.
With her post-documentary approach to film, the artist creates vignettes that reveal three parallel lives in a small coastal town.
In addition to the recordings, Everett has embarked on a number of non-musical projects as well including his acclaimed book Things the Grandchildren Should Know and the multiple-award winning Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives documentary film about Everett and his quantum physicist father, Hugh Everett III, broadcast on the BBC.
Insofar as it was impossible to tell which of the two broken panes held the original rupture, it was between those parallel lives that Macchi revealed the imprecise singularity dividing two existences that, though nearly identical, are distinct in terms of the process by which they take shape.
Sisters in White is Book Three in the 'Love in Bloom' series - and I highly recommend that readers enjoy the first two books in this series for a well-rounded introduction to the concluding story of the many connections that exist between two adult sisters and their parallel lives of romance and interactions.
Living parallel lives with your husband is the slippery slope to disconnecting completely.
Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots are living, if not separate lives, then parallel lives, or as one observer put it: "in mutual indifference".

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