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n.1.(Zool.) One of the symmetrical halves of any one of the radii, or spheromeres, of a radiate animal, as a starfish.
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Other than these characters, genus Halys is totally different from Neohalys in having comparatively short labium, striking difference is in the shape of paramere, both stem and blade and most peculiar is the apex of paramere blade and to some extent shape of pygophore too; the male genitalia of Salixocoris is also very different from genus Halys, particularly the venteroposterior margin of pygophore, and shape of conjunctival appendages.
Apart from the forewing, Jensen (1957) figured only the paramere in a caudal view.
8 long setae; gonostylus with a pair of spiniform proximal setae located at about the same level, one median spiniform seta inserted near the proximal setae and distant from the two apical spiniform setae, without subapical fine seta; paramere narrow at middle, with the apical portion broader apex rounded pointed and with a triangular small projection in the ventral edge near the apex, basally with a dorsal spinose rounded lobe; lateral lobe thin; ejaculatory ducts with lanceolate apex.
In drawings he showed only the outer margins of the head, pronotum and abdomen of three species (vicinia, serrata and longispinis), while providing illustrations of the male pygophore and paramere only of his new species vicina.
The anterior process of the left paramere is heavily sclerotized, an attribute that we have emphasized in figure 1.
A stout, sclerotized band parallel to each external paramere (0), or sclerotized band absent (1).
celiae usually has 7 setae, a few thin hair, and the paramere is sickle shaped dorsally.
A comparison was made of the general structure of the terminal end of the aedeagus, especially in regard to paramere structure.
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boutropis it differs by having syntergosternite 8 not being divided by a membranous area; from panamaensis it differs by the following: scutellum with two black bristles at the margin, hind tibia without erect posterior bristles medially and paramere with a subapical lateral projection.