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Of or relating to a group of organisms containing taxa descended from two different ancestral lines.


(Biology) relating to or characterized by descent from two ancestral groups of animals or plants


(ˌdaɪ faɪˈlɛt ɪk)

of or pertaining to a taxonomic group of organisms derived from two separate ancestral lines.
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Creating three (new) genera (the Atlantic clade of Crassostrea, Magallana, and Talonostrea) is not the preferred solution to this problem of paraphyly.
Yet another example of paraphyly in Annelida: molecular evidence that Sabellidae contains Serpulidae.
2013) and Stealth Cave, cause paraphyly among the two major branches of the E.
2013: Conflicting mitochondrial and nuclear paraphyly in small-sized West African house bats (Vespertilionidae).
2013) was critical to demonstrate the paraphyly of the genus with respect to Hylocereus; furthermore, it was crucial to suggest that S.
The paraphyly of Osmunda is confirmed by phylogenetic analyses of seven plastid loci.
Contribution of cytogenetics to the debate on the paraphyly of Pachycondyla spp.